Blake Lively: “Gossip Girl” on Madison Ave

Blake Lively: “Gossip Girl” on Madison Ave:

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Getting back to work on her hit CW drama, Blake Lively was busy on the set of “Gossip Girl” in New York City on Tuesday (January 12).

Decked out in her stylish attire, the Serena van der Woodsen sweetheart boogied on down Madison Avenue as the cameras followed her every move.

Aside from her “Gossip Girl” work, Blake recently filmed the upcoming Ben Affleck directed movie “The Town” in Boston, MA.

Talking about Blake’s audition, Ben recalls, “This girl came in, and no one had said to me beforehand, ‘Hey, look for this person.’ And obviously she was really attractive, and so I thought, Oh, here comes some blond girl. She came in, did one reading, and just crushed it.”

Continuing with his praise, Affleck also mentioned being impressed with her east coast accent, telling, “I was sort of stunned. I said, ‘Jeez, you know, that was really f—king good. Who are you?’ She didn’t mention that she was on a television show.”



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