Imran gifts Avantika Volkswagen Beetle

Imran gifts Avantika Volkswagen Beetle:

avantika-malik-imran-khan-7  celebrities news, celebrities, Teens Lifestyle , celebrity gossipImran Khan gifted his long time girlfriend now fiancee a Volkswagen Beetle specially imported from Europe as an engagement gift.

A source says, “Imran gifted her a red Beetle as her engagement present. He got the car from Europe and was at it for a month and a half.”

Imran says, “I knew that Avantika had always wanted this car, even six years back when we were studying in the US. So, I just knew that I had to buy one for her and this occasion was just the perfect excuse. Since the car has just launched, I had to convince the top bosses to let me have one, way before it actually hits the roads in a few months time. That took quite an effort. But her smile made it all worth it.”

Imran and Avantika also have matching number plates on their cars, he reveals, “Both of our license plates are a combination of her and my birthdates. She totally freaked out. She couldn’t believe it.”

Imran’s engagement was held at a farmhouse in Karjat and was attended by friends and family.

The source adds, “It is a very private affair and only family and close friends are invited.”

Imran and Avantika had been dating each other for the last five years.



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