Jennifer Lopez in Talks With Glee; Is Justin Timberlake Next

Jennifer Lopez in Talks With Glee; Is Justin Timberlake Next:

glee, watch with kristinAttention Glee glam squad: You might want to stock up on some supersexy hair nets and low-cut aprons (if such a thing exists).

Executive producer Brad Falchuk confirms that Jennifer Lopez is in talks to come on the show this season as a cafeteria worker.

“Discussions are ongoing and we haven’t gotten into the episode(s) she’d be appearing in,” Falchuk tells me.

So it could be more than one episode? Mayhaps.

And oh yeah, glam team, some curl-defining hair gel could come in handy too, because Lea Michele is making a big push for her dream guest star…

“I’m rooting for Justin Timberlake,” Lea said. “Aside from being an incredible singer and dancer, he’s also a fantastic comedic actor, and that is a great cocktail for being on Glee. And I think he and Matt [Morrison] would have a fantastic dance-off.”

Glee producers also have set their sights on Bruce Springsteen coming on board at some point, and Falchuk says he’s a die-hard fan.

“Bruce is my own personal Valhalla,” Falchuk told me last night while celebrating Glee’s Best TV Comedy/Musical win at the Golden Globes. “I seriously only listen to him. My iPod is pretty much all Bruce, and E Street Radio is basically locked on my radio with the knob ripped off.”

Awesome. Today, though, the Glee girls are singing Madonna.

“We have a huge, all-girls Madonna song and dance number that we’re doing tomorrow,” Lea told me last night. “Bright and early, 6 a.m., do you want me to call you?” (Despite my gleeful acceptance, the phone did not ring…Weird.)

“I think the fans will not be disappointed in the Madonna episode,” said Lea, who brought her mom as her date. “It’s big and it’s powerful, and the characters who are interacting together are not the ones you would expect. I feel like with each episode everything keeps escalating to a new level.”

In the meantime, could Julianne Moore or a certain Office star/songstress be coming on board? Check out our exclusive video diaries from Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and Kevin McHale (Artie) to see which stars are big Gleeks.



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