Red Carpet Quotes: “You Gotta Pay Extra for That!”

Red Carpet Quotes: “You Gotta Pay Extra for That!”:

2010 sag awardsAs the stars hit the red carpet of the 2010 SAG Awards, they weren’t at a loss for things to say. Luckily for you, we pulled together the best bits. Check ‘em out.

“I didn’t watch, now did you take a steaming dump on me too last week?”
—Tina Fey, joking with Giuliana about a few less-than-flattering takes on her Golden Globes gown

“Oh man! So I met Justin Timberlake last night; I only have one more ‘N Syncer to meet, and it’s J.C.—happens to be the one I wanna marry.”
—Gabourey Sidibe, on being a huge ‘N Sync fan

“I’m not gonna tell you I do it three times a day, but I can do it!”
—Penélope Cruz, when asked if she does her own dishes and pumps her own gas in addition to holding her own umbrella, as she did at the Golden Globes

“I’m very monogamous. It’s just Meryl and I. If I was gonna go the lady route, I chose the best, and I stick with the best. I don’t slum it.”
—Sandra Bullock, when asked if she plans on kissing anyone à la her kiss with Meryl Streep

“No, no, no, you gotta pay extra for that.”
—Justin Timberlake, when asked to display some of his moves on the red carpet

“I can load a dishwasher like nobody’s business, but I can’t cook worth a darn.”
—Bryan Cranston, when asked if he does any cooking similar to his Breaking Bad character

“I want everyone to call the Academy and ABC TV and demade that Tina [Fey] be the third host.”
—Alec Baldwin, on rumors of there being a surprise third host for this year’s Oscars

“I don’t know anything about vampires or anything…I’m so out of it.”
—Christina Applegate

“I’m single and ready to mingle at the SAG Awards!”
—Cory Monteith from Glee on his current relationship status

“Morgan Freeman could be my daddy!”
—Tracy Morgan

“Oh we can’t talk about that on TV!”
—Thomas Jane on what he and wife Patricia Arquette will be doing after the show

“There is literally nothing I won’t do. I took a tooth out for the first one…I will lose a limb, whatever it takes.”
—The Hangover’s Ed Helms on what he will or won’t do in the comedy hit’s sequel

“It would have to be someone very innocent…I can’t think of anyone!”
—Betty White, when asked who she’d want to play Rose if a Golden Girls movie were ever made

“We could sing ‘Jenna From the Block’; I’m still Jenna from the block!”
—Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz when asked if J.Lo would be appearing on the show

“I think it just kind of justifies what we’re doing…not only do we have a fan base, but critics are also enjoying what we’re doing.”
—Glee’s Chris Colfer on the show’s success last week at the Golden Globes

“You know what, I have.”
—Nurse Jackie’s Edie Falco, joking when asked if she’d met everyone she wants to meet at awards shows



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