What happened with Charlie [Sheen]?

What happened with Charlie [Sheen]?:

watch with kristin, two and a half men, cbs“I’m sorry. What happened with Charlie [Sheen]? Did something happen?”

Someone should really give Two and a Half Men boss Chuck Lorre a copy of Us Weekly or something, ‘cause that’s how he responded when asked about Sheen’s recent personal-life drama with wife Brooke Mueller.

What’s that you say? Oh, Chuck was joking? Well then, hot damn, I suppose that’s why this guy writes funny stuff for a living.

Lorre was a bit bleary-eyed this morning after shooting Two and a Half Men’s first episode last night since the holidays (and Sheen’s visit to the slammer).

So how is Charlie doing? Here’s what Lorre and CBS president Nina Tassler told us…

“He is doing as well as he can under the circumstances,” Lorre said. “Charlie is a consummate professional and I must tell you, it was really gratifying last night. He was 1000 percent there for us from the first moment when we started shooting and it was a great night for us. One of our strongest episodes. And Charlie was just terrific.”

Lorre, who showed up for a panel Q&A at the TV Critics Assocation Press Tour in Pasadena, says there will be no change at all to Men’s production schedule due to Charlie’s legal woes, and that the live audience last night was “incredibly supportive” of him.

Meanwhile, CBS Prez Nina Tassler told reporters of Sheen: “We’re being very sensitive to the fact that this is a very personal and private matter for Charlie. There’s been no impact on the network right now. The show is proceeding along its regular production schedule. It’s a wonderful show and right now it is business as usual.”

When asked if Lorre is concerned that this is Charlie’s final year on his contract and he might leave the show, Lorre said: “That’s not my end of the business. I just write the stuff.”

His first answer was funnier. But we’ll take it.

Would you watch Men without Sheen? Are you hoping that despite his personal problems he stays on the show?



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