Konnet Technology PowerV Duo Induction Charger

Konnet Technology has proudly released the PowerV Duo, which is an induction charger for two Wii controllers and two USB devices. The PowerV Duo features an advanced wireless induction, which allows for a hassle-free charging process. You just need to place the Wiimote on the PowerV (with or without removing Motion Plus and silicone casing) and it will charge instantly via the supplied Konnet rechargeable battery packs. The PowerV Duo will automatically recognize the Wiimote’s battery strength and reflect charging status through a red or blue LED light. (Red LED means the controllers are charging, while blue LED means the controllers are fully charged). Available in black or white, the PowerV Duo induction charger retails for $34.99. Each purchase comes with a USB to DS Lite/DSi/DSi LL cable, an AC Adapter, and two Ni-MH 800mAh battery packs. You can also buy an additional battery pack for $19.99 each. [Max Borges]



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