Deepika chops hair for Kartik Calling Kartik

Those who thought the leggy lass Deepika Padukone is out of sight nowadays or she is avoiding media after her split with Ranbeer Kapoor are wrong. Because the reason behind her vanishing act is the new look she has got for Kartik Calling Kartik, which she didn’t want to reveal. Deepika has chopped her waist length
hair to the shoulders for the film.
In KWC, she co-stars with Farhan Akhtar. She is playing role of an interior designer in the film and the script demands her to be in a particular look. Deepika was first hesitant to do so, but director Vijay Lalwani and Audhuna, the celebrity hairstylist and Farhan’s wife convinced her to go for it. “They thought with my height, I would be able to carry it off well,” said Deepika.
“I last chopped my hair when I was eight,” she added.
Before the hair cut Deepika put a condition to the director that she will chop her hair only if he will shave his head bald. “He didn’t do that, but he saw to it that he was present in the salon so that I don’t back offat the last moment,” said the actress with a smile.
Meanwhile people including her parents, who have seen her in new avatar, have liked it. “Everybody says it looks good on me and makes me look younger,” she said.
Talking about her role in the film, she said, “The scriptwriter had a certain image in mind when he wrote my character Shonali. So I had to do justice to the role.”
She is happy with the new haircut and thinks that ‘Change is good’.



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