Enjoy Opera Browsing On The New Acer LumiRead eBook Reader

Acer LumiRead eBook Reader

While there are many different types of eBook readers out there to choose from these days, there is still lot to consider when choosing one to suit your individual needs. The kind of eBook readers with full on LCD displays are capable of displaying much more vivid and lively colors allowing you to do many of the same functions that you would be able to do with a small computer or tablet PC. Those can get a little strenuous on the eyes though after long periods of reading and that is where the e-ink readers come out on top. Problem with the e-ink though is that the refresh rate is very slow and incapable for using for something gaming. With this new Acer Lumiread eBook Reader though, the reader will come bundled with Opera browsing software which will let you check e-mails and surf your favorite websites in a pinch. Hopefully this will help to bring together the best of both worlds and inspire other manufacturers to do the same. [UberGizmo]



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