Evan Rachel Wood and Kate Winslet: Mildred Mates

Teaming up for another day's worth of filming, Evan Rachel Wood joined Kate Winslet on the "Mildred Pierce" set in New York City on Friday (June 11).

With both ladies taking to their respective trailers to get all dolled up, the two beauties emerged in costume as they readied to shoot their HBO period drama.

And while she's currently working on "Mildred Pierce," Evan is also prepping to join fiance Marilyn Manson is a new film called "Splatter Sisters".

Producer Edward R. Pressman gave a summary to MTV, telling, "It's about two 18 year old beautiful drifter girls who go on a murderous rampage across California, killing scores of teenage boys. And they're under mind control by the leader of this death metal band, this underground death metal band."

Meanwhile, writer Adam Bhala Lough added, "There is a lot of samurai s--t in [the movie] too because Lars is a samurai. The girls are lovers as well as [being involved] with Lars himself. So it's like a ménage a trois."



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