‘I want to be perfectly rounded’: Kareena Kapoor


Thje super sexy Kareena Kapoor wants to be well-rounded again. Well, she has recovered from her ‘Size Zero’ frenzy I guess. The actress, who was quite healthy as a teenager, once again wants to get back those curves, which she shed during the making of ‘Tashan’.

The actress, who is shooting ‘Golmaal 3’ in Hyderabad, revealed that, “For once, things are the exact opposite for the two of us. Lolo (Karisma) is trying to lose her post natal fat; and I’m trying to put on a little weight.”

“I want to be perfectly rounded. I’m bored of being too thin. And I actually enjoy eating at a neighbourhood café,” Kareena said.

Bebo is also missing her family like hell. “God I’m missing Mumbai and I’m missing spending time with Lolo and my nephew,” she said.

Well, Bebo, you look hot either way sweetie :)



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