Katherine Heigl Parties in London, Talks "Killers"

Fresh off of the European premiere of her new movie "Killers," Katherine Heigl headed over to C Restaurant (formerly known as Cipriani) in London, England on Wednesday night (June 9).

Joining up with fellow film members, the former "Grey's Anatomy" actress partied the night away before leaving via the fire exit and heading to her hotel for some much needed rest.

As for making her new film, which co-stars Ashton Kutcher, Katherine tells, “It’s really fun but it’s little bits at a time, so it’s a little bit painstaking for me. I like those dialogue scenes where you’re sort of bantering."

Miss Heigl adds, “One of my favorite scenes of the movie was the pregnancy test scene because that was just sort of Ashton and I improv-ing. I thought that we were really good at bickering together! The action side of it that requires everything being re-set and put in its place … so it can take a day or two to do one tiny little thing.”



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