Katrina Kaif is a inspiration for a lot of fans

Now, Katrina Kaif is no doubt an inspiration for many of her fans. But this fan of hers went way ahead to follow her idol and become like her. This college girl gave up all her outings and other such luxuries that most girls of her age enjoy, so that she can save up to train with Yasmin Khan, Katrina Kaif’s instructor. Katrina Kaif has been voted Asia’s sexiest woman, for 2 years in a row and the actress swears by her trainer Yasmin who made her go through rigorous workouts to look a certain way for her forthcoming Tees Maar Khan. In fact, Yasmin confirms that a lot of young girls come to her with the same request. They all want to be just like Katrina Kaif. However, this one is a step ahead of all!



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