Katrina’s beauty described in verse


A Katrina fan has immortalized her beauty in the form of a poem. The poet remains anonymous. This poem is making waves on the net.

The ‘poet’ has made it clear that Katrina is a divine beauty and there is no one like her. Here is the ode:

An Unerring Beauty
“O delicate Muses so tender and so fair,
Hear this mortal with distinguished care.
There is a frame most precious of the sacred design,
Whose unerring beauty shall forever remain divine.
She is the fairest maiden with a righteous name,
Her beauty is pure and of eternal reign.
A blessed creature, too delicate for mortal sight,
Her imponderable form robed in garments of stainless white.
For her the sun traces the blooming day
And the vaulted night unfolds its starry display.
Wherever she walks rivers follow her lead;
Wherever she rests, flowers perfume those fields.
She shines with glamour in wondrous ways
Her beauty ensnares with every tender ray!
In vivid colors her lovely image appears
With silken locks flowing past the ears.
A starry threshold glitters in her ponderous eyes,
That eclipses the luster of the flickering skies.
A ravishing hue the cheeks seamlessly displays,
But many splendors her smile exquisitely arrays.
While a mellowed shade her brow gracefully shows-
The glossy colors from the lips fashionably flow.
If ever a shimmer escapes a pursuing eye
It blends with the blushes of the setting sky.
With every beam a new glory to the realm spreads
That changes its colors whenever she treads.
These sumptuous luxuries her ray doth invite
That melts to the heart with infinite delight.
In her, charms had infused for a wealthy blend;
With her, beauty has achieved its ultimate end.”




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