Lindsay Lohan models her alcohol monitoring bracelet for celebrity photographer

Lindsay Lohan seems to be looking a little more relaxed with her alcohol monitoring bracelet as she poses for top celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

The concerned Mean Girls actress reclines on a white sofa in rolled up jeans which clearly show the court obligatory SCRAM ankle tag.

She is pictured writing in an A4 notepad with her laptop by her side showing the Top Shop website.

A table in front is crammed full of empty cans of soft drinks including her favourite new tipple, energy drink Red Bull.

A Paramount cigarette butt has been stubbed out in a can of Pepsi showing she is keeping some of her vices.

The shots taken on Friday will appear in Shields’ new book ‘The Dirty Side of Glamour.’

LiLo said she agreed to the photo shoot in a bid to halt the frenzy surrounding the tag.

In a statement the actress, said:‘To alleviate the chase to get the first shot of the scram bracelet, it was a good decision to supply one to the public.’

Proceeds from the sale of the photos are being donated to an undisclosed alcohol education charity.

Shields tells People magazine, said: ‘Lindsay is amazing to work with, we have done it a few times and each time it gets better!’

The newly-sober actress, who has been banned from drinking alcohol by a judge, spent the day with the aristocrat Lady Victoria Hervey as they lapped up the California sun.

She a warm embrace with Victoria when she arrived at house in the Pacific Palisades for an afternoon gathering with a group of friends.



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