Lindsay Lohan: Requesting More Favors From Judge

Hoping that she’s the ultimate exception to every rule, Lindsay Lohan is once again asking for special treatment from the court.

According to a report, LiLo is asking that her civil trial be delayed because her public image is so tarnished that she won’t get a fair jury.

Her lawyer Ed McPherson stated, "Every facet of the criminal proceeding and every facet of Ms. Lohan's life … have been reported on TMZ and other media outlets literally on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis. There are current widespread public feelings of intense negativity against Ms. Lohan…"

Also, it seems Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet slip-up only cost her $10,000 rather than the $100,000 bail she posted.

Since her charge is a misdemeanor, the judge cannot revoke bail, rather she can just add another $100,000 to the amount which forces Lohan to pony up an additional $10k for the bail bondsman. Still, that’s a really expensive drink!



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