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Bollywood actress, fashion model, and singer, Negar Khan has been surrounded with controversy from top to toe. Her incidents have been far widespread than her few movies. From wardrobe malfunctions in Norway to her sudden expulsion from India for visa violation, to her bitter separation from husband and actor Saahil Khan, this Iranian bomb shell has only been able to make a mark by exposing her assets.

Negar is an Iran born girl who was brought up in Norway. Sister of the well known model, Gauhar Khan, Negar is fluent in the languages Farsi, Turkish, Norwegian, English and Urdu. She has a Bachelor's degree in marketing and advertising and a master in international business.

Before taking a plunge in Bollywood, Negar was a model in Norway and has walked the international ramp along with traveling extensively in Norway due to her assignments. She jumped to popularity with her revealing clothes and seductive gestures in the video of “Chadti Jawani”.

Her eye popping item numbers in films like “Rudraksh” and “Shaadi Ka Ladoo” has done her no good except labeling her as a “controversy queen”. During the film shoot of , Negar was arrested and immediately deported to her hometown in Norway because she was unable to produce a work permit visa in India.

If that was not enough, Negar posed nude for a European magazine, only to invite an uproar. Very recently, pictures of her lying topless on a beach with the Italian actor Luigi Cassandra, hit the front page of gossip. Whether it was a publicity stunt or mere ill luck, we doesn’t know.

Negar appeared in a music video “Sharaab Jo Na Piye” by Arvind Singh. She appears in hot leather pants in the witness box of a courtroom, with a glass of wine in hand. The video was considered an offence and has been banned.

Its time Negar should do more than just skin show, if she has to prove her caliber as a good actress rather than just a sexy seductress.



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