Prachi Desai does a ‘Bobby’ for Milan Lutharia

Prachi Desai made a big leap from the smaller screen’s Bani to the bigger screen. However, she managed to bag in roles which did not require much of the skin show. This time, for a change, she has decided to get a step bolder for her forthcoming ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ for Milan Lutharia. She will be seen wearing the outfit similar to the one worn by Dimple Kapadia in ‘Bobby’, yes the same outfit which swept the nation off its feet.

Prachi has worn the outfit for a song where Emraan Hashmi and his girlfriend (played by Prachi Desai) watch Bobby and then Emraan gifts her Dimple’s outfit. It’s a passionate sequence which has Emraan and Prachi getting drawn to each other. Though Prachi was initially hesitant to don on the outfit, Milan managed to convince her.

Prachi says, “Emraan’s called Shoaib in the film. I play his conservative Muslim girlfriend Mumtaaz. Bobby was a big hit at the time the movie was set in. Shoaib is inspired by multiple real life personalities and one of them had a fascination with Dimple’s Bobby persona. Hence Emraan is seen gifting me outfits due to his fascination with Bobby.”

She adds, “Dimple looked so gorgeous that I didn’t want to be compared to her but Milan convinced me. In fact, Milan gave us a month to work on our bodies for the song. While he wanted Emraan to flaunt his six-pack in the song, he wanted me to tone down my body.”

Revealing more about the film and the scene Prachi says, “The scenes were shot over few months. Emraan is one of my fav co-stars and I am most comfortable with him. I was clear we wouldn’t kiss, though.”



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