Rima Fakih: Ford Fiesta Foxy

Reaping the benefits of being chosen as Miss USA, Rima Fakih turned up for a high-profile gig in New York City on Friday evening (June 10).

The beauty pageant winner struck a few poses as she arrived at the Manhattan Ford for the launch of the new Ford Fiesta automobile.

Meanwhile, the 23-year-old recently took time to chat with Ask Men - conquering questions about pre-marital sex and her tastes in men.

Asked if she believes that a girl should save herself for marriage, Rima replied, "I believe that everyone lives life according to what they think is right and what they think is wrong. What’s common to me might not be so common to you. In my opinion, yes! I do believe a woman should save herself for marriage because it builds respect. It builds the opportunity to save yourself for something so special and exciting. When you’re young, you might think you’re doing the right thing, but you might end up learning the hard way that you’ve made the wrong decision. However, I don’t judge people for how they choose to live their lives."

As for three qualities Miss Fakih looks for in a man, she answered "No. 1, I love confidence. I like a person who is confident. Someone who is content with who he is and never tries to be materialistic or someone he is not. I like a good sense of humor. Someone who can make me laugh is definitely a keeper. I also love good shoes. A guy with a great sense of style will certainly be a plus."



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